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Get A PreApproval Letter

Why Full Underwriting PreApproval Is The Smart Move

What’s the difference between PreQualified and PreApproved and Full Underwriting PreApproval?

preapprovalIt’s a hot real estate market and Sellers and Realtors want prequalified homebuyers. And you want to know how much you qualify for, how much cash will be required to close, and what your payment will be.

Getting PreQualified is essential, so why not give yourself a leg up on the competition and eliminate stress by getting not just PreQualified, but PreApproved, or even Full Underwriting PreApproval* (*except purchase agreement, appraisal, and title work) before you go homeshopping.

Your offer will stronger if your loan has already been underwritten and approved. And you can close faster. Those could be the determining factors when a Seller is comparing offers.

What is PreQualified?

PreQualified is when you complete a loan application and  a loan officer determines whether you are eligible likely to be approved based on credit score, income, debts, and assets. Credit may or may not not be pulled and you may or may not provide income and asset documentation.

What is PreApproved?

PreApproved means credit has been pulled and income and asset documentation has been collected.

What is Full Underwriting PreApproval?


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